Domobert is currently developing three products: HomeObserver, GardenBert and ComAlps.
HomeObserver is a unique innovative cost effective sensor. It observes your house: its habits, how things are linked together, main events and deviations. Day to day it learns and is able to return you warnings about unsual events. It sends you crucial information about your house health. You selectively and confidentially control and share the event and deviation to you, your family or friends.
HomeObserver will allow you many things, like:
n-tknowing that you forget something (light, heater, coffee machine, ...)
n-tinforming your neighbour that you have an imminent health emergency and need helps
n-tadvising you to call your old granny to have a chat with her because its HomeObserver detects something is deviating from her habit which could mean she needs care
n-ttelling you that the water pump of your washing machine is working differently from usual and might need some fixing in the forthcoming weeks.n

GardenBert is a home automation garden solution to easily observe temperature, ground humidity and control water distribution. Now you can go on holiday without worrying about your flowers. GardenBert will tell you on your smartphone or on your computer what’s happening in your garden and you will be able to simply connect on your water network system and shower your plant when needed even if you are thousand miles away.

ComAlp is a long-range communication solution to allow network in difficult wireless area. For example communication between spring and power station could be difficult because of trees and mountains so radio communication might not work or will not be reliable. ComAlp will solve the problem and will allow reliable and easy to install long range communication sensors.

These three products are under development in our lab. Write us if you want latest progress details or need a specific product. Follows our announcements on Domobert tweeter account!